Boston Urban Idiotorama Race Details

The Boston Urban Idiotorama takes the format of a famous Alaskan dog sled race and replaces the dogs with people, snow gear is replaced by costumes and the sleds are shopping carts. This one-of-kind event incorporates a urban race,  costume contest, games, a talent contest, bar crawl and food drive to end up with a great time for everyone.


  • Have Fun!
  • Be the first team to complete the urban race between five check point bars around Boston.
  • Create a team ‘theme’ for your team members and cart.  Look at the gallery for ideas or come up with your own totally unique idea.
  • Participate in challenges at each check point to win prizes.
  • Bring in as much food as possible for the food drive supporting the Boston Medical Center Food Pantry.

Where and When:
Saturday March 1st at the Lansdowne Pub.  The race starts at exactly approximately around 11:00am.  Plan on arriving between 10am – 10:30am to check in and get your race packet and some food and liquid courage as needed.

Our Friends
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Race Format:
Teams find their fastest route between Lansdowne Pub and each of the required check points bars (to be revealed closer to the race date) and back to Lansdowne Pub.  The average team will race around 3.5 mile (just over 5K) for the day but the race route is up to you so your mileage may vary.  When your team arrive at each check point you clock in for your mandatory 20 minute rest and get your doggies some much needed refreshments.  While resting you can attempt our fun games for bragging rights and invaluable (literally) medals.   If you have friends who want to spectate have them meet you at the check points with food for the Boston Medical Center food pantry.  While waiting plan your next race leg and once your 20 minute stay is up check out and you’re off to the next check point!

Challenges at each check point:
While resting for the mandatory 20 minutes at each check point grab a drink, plan out your next race leg and participate in the check point challenge.  Challenges are optional but completing them successfully gets you an invaluable medal (no seriously, they’re cheap) and bragging rights.  Show us your flare at pole dancing and you could take home a trophy.  Challenges from previous years included (subject to change for 2014) –

What you need:
Besides getting signed up you’ll need the following race day:

  • A team of 4-6 people 21+ and a team theme – There are awesome trophies for best cart and team theme so go all out.
  • A shopping card decorated to match your theme (read: where to get a cart).
  • ID and spending money for race supplies (drinks) and 50/50 raffle tickets.
  • A team talent (optional but recommended) – Can you sing, dance, juggle, do magic?  A talent that relates to your team theme scores extra points with the judges.

Besides going home with a day of great memories we’re going to sent home the top teams with medals and prizes.  The awards ceremony will be at Lansdowne Pub starting directly after the race so don’t leave!  Medals will be given out for:

  • Most Food for the BMC Food Pantry
  • Spirit of the Idiotorama
  • 1st & 2nd Place overall time
  • Best Team Talent
  • Best Pole Dance
  • Most Pathetic Effort – If you’re not first you’re last….or in this case you really are last.
  • And More!

Food Drive:
The Boston Urban Idotorama is an awesome event but we also like to do good for the Boston community. You’re encourage to bring food to the start or have your friends meet you at check points with food.   The team that brings in the most food gets, fame, glory, a awesome trophy and prizes!  No only is the Boston Urban Idiotorama a great time for everyone that participates is a great way to build the Boston community!

The basis rules are to have fun, obey the law, respect other teams and the public. If you want all the rules read here.  If you have more questions about the race read the FAQ page or send us your questions from our contact page.