Who are you and what is this?

Boston Urban Iditarod Organizers - Tim & Kevin

Boston Urban Iditarod Organizers – Tim & Kevin

We’re two friends that like to have fun at the expense of our dignity and sometime (always?) the respect of our friends.  Having been the participants in many urban adventure races and road races we wanted to step up and bring something new to Boston.  We knew our event had more elements than a typical scavenger hunt or urban race.  The Urban Iditarod format was perfect and we’re excited to be bringing it to Boston under the new name Idiotorama.

We hope you will be a part of our Boston urban adventure and food drive this coming year!

Tim Jones & Kevin Doran
Boston Urban Idiotorama Founders

Where did you get the idea?

Like all great ideas, we stole it.  Urban Iditarods have been going on since 1994 in San Francisco.  We borrowed the name and some of the format from other cities but the Boston Urban Idiotorama is a  home grown event and like nothing you’ve ever seen.  Giving credit where credit is due, urban adventure races that have been our inspiration –